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Written by Dominik   
Sunday, 30 January 2011 22:12

The article describes the control system of the Messor walking robot.

The robot control system architecture is hierarchical and it is divided into four layers :

The main tasks for the top layer are terrain mapping, self-localization, visual odometry and motion planning. To perform these assignments appropriate computational resources and high-level algorithms are necessary. The output message of the algorithms are movement orders which are sent to the middle layer of the control system. The modules which are located in the top layer can also send queries to the middle layer asking about the present state of the robot. The top layer enables also the communication with the teleoperator and the transmission of the camera images to the remote control center. In the opposite direction only the movement orders are sent.

Thetop layer of the control system is located on the Single Board Computer. The robot is equipped with the PICO 820  computer with Intel Atom on board. It uses Linux operating system to manage devices. The computer communicates with the
teleoperation device through the Bluetooth or WiFi channel. The camera and laser range finder are plugged into the USB ports of the Single Board Computer.

The motion controller is located on a board with the EP9302, ARM9 core microprocessor. It computes the desired values for the servomotors.

The lowest layer of the control system is based on the AT91SAM7S256 microcontrollers with 32-bit ARM7 core.

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